Thursday, November 15, 2012


Just heard this story on the news about a black widow spider in a bag of grapes - I am NEVER buying grapes again and this is a legit reason a black widow can kill you with in hours (okay I don't think that's true but I can't look it up because when I google it I keep getting pictures and I cant' even stand to look at the picture due to my arachnophobia no joke I just made a breathy scream noise when scrolling down and I just saw it's creepy legs poking out BLAHHHH.

I can pictures it now I get a nice bag of grapes get a mysterious prick feel weird but don't think anything of it.  Decide to take a nap due to my sickness and I never wake up and I'm found dead weeks later with my cats eating me.  OR I see the spider and die of a heart attacked immediately.   Still takes weeks to find me, I live a lone and now I work from home, I mean really how long could I be dead before someone notices and checks on me??

If you want to read the article here is it warning there is a picture of both the grapes and the spider:

UPDATE: I now think there is a spider crawling around in my refrigerator from previous grape bags.

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