Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Pinocchio Nose Necklace

Well that's what what we called these maple seed pods growing up.  I love this necklace because the story Monique tells hits a cord with me and to this day when I see those little pod spiraling down it reminds me of a kid walking up my dead end sleepy street to the bus stop pausing as I pick one up and place it on my nose then wishing I hadn't because it leaves a stickiness behind!


Monique says: There are some things that many of us share in memory, one of those has been watching these seed pods spiral out of the sky. They are like little fairy wings that flutter and find themselves on the noses of youthful spirits. Behind their lovely shimmery sheen is the secret they hold of the POTENTIAL that resides in a seed pod, just waiting to become a tree.

The origin of this actual size seed pod is from a delightful Japanese Maple that glows bright orange in the autumn.

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  1. We called them whirly birds.. very cute!

  2. I totally want one! Add it to my long list of things I want...


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