Wednesday, July 25, 2012

GPAs - do they REALLY matter after all these years?


GPAs don't really matter especially after all this time right?!  

Well that's what I always thought but I was very wrong, it's been 10 years after I graduated college and apparently it DOES matter.  I won't mention the company that is the elitist here but it kinda ticked me off a little that they wouldn't even interview me because I didn't meet this GPA requirement.

So by no means was I close to the magna cum laude nor the summa cum laude ranks for that matter however my GPA was not terrible!!

So this begs the question; are all GPAs created equal?  Surely a 3.0 GPA from Harvard and 3.0 from say Cape Cod Community College (also know affectionately as the 4 C's) is not equal!  Not that I went to Harvard but I went to a decent/solid/good school.  Had I gone to a lesser school taken easier classes I'm sure I could have gotten close to a 4.0.  Instead I went to a business school and was required to take accounting, finance, law, IT etc. ALL of which hurt my GPA because if you don't remember from this post I am NOT anything close to an accountant/tax person nor do I care enough about it.  I could go on and on about that and how I had the meanest hardest accounting professor at what was once known as an accounting school oh and that class was 8:30AM on W/F!  I digress...

My other point is what about your career accomplishments - you could have gone to Harvard, Yale,  pick your Ivy League, gotten a 4.0 and not accomplished much of anything - okay so the chances are if you DID do that I doubt you are a slob however it could happen.

My point is there is so much more to a person than their GPA so how can you disqualify someone off of this one data point where there are too many other variables to consider?

Their loss.

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