Thursday, June 14, 2012

confessions of a blonde

I'm afraid to learn how to not be neurotic.

So I NEVER remember where I park my car.  I could be running into the supermarket for 5 mins and forget where my car is in that time span (trust me it has happened).

Well last night I thought my car got towed.  In the matter of seconds this is what goes through my head as I walk to the end of the street where I was pretty sure I parked: OMG where is my car, am I on the right street, yes I'm on the right street, is my car on the other side of the road no no I definitely parked on this side...shit did I get towed? I check my email as I have the City of Boston notifications sent there, nothing OMG it must have been stolen!  Do cars really get stolen?  Wait I didn't park this far down did I?  I don't remember passing that restaurant, no I definitely did not pass that restaurant I would remember that, uh what is this guy looking at, oh wait is he cute, eh not really.  I hit my unlock button on my car keys and sure enough blink blink there is my I have serious issues I must have walked right past it how embarrassing, also now this not so attractive man is totally going to know I momentarily lost my car, sigh.  Now how to I get home from here?

I would say probably once a week I think my car has been towed or stolen since I never remember where I park it, you would think by now I would know better maybe it was all those years living in Beacon Hill where my car really was towed what seems like every other week!

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