Thursday, June 28, 2012

random act of kindess

OKay so we all know I'm a huge believer in karma and I have a semi interesting story about this.  (I know how to grab an audience with 'semi interesting' haha but read on if you care :o)

In my quest to be a better person a few weeks ago I decided I should do a random act of kindness (ROAK) so I decided to pay for the car behind me at the toll booth (cliche I know).

So I hand the woman at the toll booth $5 and say can I please get $2.50 back and pay for the car behind me - she doesn't bat an eyelash or say anything and I think wow is she grouchy!  Or maybe people do this all the time?  Or maybe my act is truly lame?  I mean I didn't expect her to praise or me anything but maybe a smile?

So I drive away with not even as much as a have a nice day from her.  Traffic is backed up but not terrible so I try and peek in my rear view mirror to see if I can see a reaction from the car behind me.  She is at the window for what seems like forever and I think, oh that grouchy lady pocketed the money! (full disclosure, yes I thought that mean thought) But there currently isn't a car behind her since most people have the ez pass, but then I think that doesn't mean she can't pay for the next car that comes through and I feel better.  But not that good since I just internally accused toll booth woman of stealing.   ROAK - Fail

HOWEVER here is the 'semi interesting part' a week or two later I get a free toll thanks to the Boston Symphony Orchestra in celebration of Tanglewood’s 75th Anniversary Season!  In my crazy head all is right and I have a new outlook that there is hope and what you put out into the universe will come back to you!

P.S. Apologies for accusing you miss toll attendant I'm sure your job is mind-numbingly boring and maybe you just had a bad day. 

I found the below online and it's a super cool idea and I want to do it for my birthday or maybe my birthday week since I'm old now and I do have a job so I'm not sure I can fit that many ROAK in one day:Fun ways to spend your birthday

She even started The Birthday Project check it out! 

For now the quest continues to become a better human...

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